Pick the color of your cig

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People love gadgets because not only do they come in handy but also fulfill the basic need of being noticed. Even if there is a slight chance that a cool gizmo can improve life, shorten valuable time or just give the opportunity to stay online, it is worth purchasing. Gadgets have been always useful for communication, business or simply to please the owner. Read more

A perfect gift

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Good news for every indecisive soul on the face of the earth. If you have a smoker in your family or know that your best friend loves to puff occasionally, you will be doing them a great favor by buying them an original yet practical gift. Read more

Puff wherever you like!

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It is probably the most annoying thing on the face of the earth. It attacks silently and suddenly wherever you are. The unbearable need  of smoking kicking in just because you are drinking a morning cup of coffee or chilling out with some friends having a pint. Or that feeling of exhaustion after a stressful day at the office when the only thing you do is checking pockets for a pack, more crumpled than Columbo’s trench coat. Read more

How I Quit Smoking

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(For Which We Are Truly Thankful)

In Nashville, Tennessee, nicknamed the “Music City” for a reason, resides a country band called Lambchop. I sometimes wonder if Kurt Wagner, the frontman, still smokes. The music and lyrics from Lambchop’s album (nomen est omen) “How I Quit Smoking” accompanied me though out my nicotine struggle. I have been smoking for 8 years straight and the story how I actually picked up smoking sounds like a bad cliche. Angst and dramas of a teenager and the never-ending rebellion against any authority might be the clearest reasons. I finished high school, went to college and never had a day without a cigarette. And when girls I used to date with started repeatedly telling me that I taste like an ashtray, I made a decision to face the ultimate struggle. Let me tell you the story about the toughest aspects I’ve faced so far in five steps. Read more

There is always a way to save your money

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You might not know and be genuinely surprised to learn that you do not need to count every dollar in your pocket to buy a pack of cigarettes with the weird thought whispering behind your ear “These are so expensive”. The electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular and a majority of smokers decide to go tobacco free in order to use new smoking alternatives. If you are still smoking regular cigarettes, you may eventually feel that you are simply wasting your funds. There is a way to find out how much money do you spend weekly. Just add up the amount you are spending on cigarettes per week and multiply it to determine how much you are about to spend per month or even a year. Read more

What is your flavor?

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The idea behind Electronic Cigarettes is to deliver authentic smoking sensations to its users. If it is your first time you have encountered E-Cigarettes, you will be genuinely surprised to discover the similarities between the smell, the taste and the whole entourage offered by Ecigs experience. It does not matter if you smoke occasionally or you are a chain smoker, with a wide range of flavors for electronic V2 smokeless products you are able to choose the exact one you feel like tasting.

Source: tntimo via Compfight There are different flavors of nicotine cartrigdes offered by V2 Cigarettes. 12 to choose from, to be exact. Using proprietary E-Liquid formulas available only from V2 Cigs for a nicotine solution it will be a surprise for you to find out the flavors that fits you best. Read more